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The Framework for Inventive Thinking™ is the most world changing thinking framework in history.

From Leonardo da Vinci, to Mozart, to Beethoven, Marie Curie, Nicola Tesla, Thomas Edison, to Albert Einstein, to Walt Disney, to Andy Warhol, to Steve Jobs and on, and on, and on.


When you get stuck, and we all get stuck from time to time, you will always know what to do next.

How Renaissance Thinking™
Saved More than $225,000 per Year
and Multiple Embarrasments for Microsoft

The Framework for Inventive Thinking™ of Renaissance Thinking Mastery™ was critical for the invention of live show automation that changed an industry and empowered an entirely new level of production for live theater and events.

GREG MOYER, CEO & Founder, Inventive Guild


Microsoft was rolling out new apps monthly, experiencing a rash of embarrassing demonstration crashes and operator miscues in front of their eager live audiences numbering in the hundreds.


Stabilize the demo environment that required traveling up to 12 engineers with multiple computers, sitting backstage to operate the demo examples in real-time.


An invention that changed an industry. A new process of capturing and producing the elements of the live demos that were played back under the control of an automated show control system.


Microsoft saved more than $225K in the first year alone with zero crashes and the flexibility to rearrange the demos on the fly and experienced zero embarrassing moments.

The Numbers Don't Lie

The Need for Game Changing Creativity is Growing Like Never Before

According to research by MIT and Stanford, it now takes twice as many ideas to fuel innovation as it did just 50 years ago. The trend line of creativity decline began in 1950's.

50% Down

Innovation to GDP is down 50% since 1950

35% Down

Disruptive innovation is down 35% since 1950

85% Down

Creativity is down 85% since 1950


Number of knowledge workers in the U.S. who say they aren't reaching their creative potential

82% of companies believe creativity can produce positive business results, generating a multitude of dividends. And they’re right! Because…

It’s creativity that captivates customers to engage more and at deeper levels.

It’s creativity that generates the stepping stones toward a brighter future.

It is the seed of innovation.

    Greater Market Share

    Creative companies are 1.5 times more likely to command a greater market share than competitors.

    Exceed Revenue Projections

    Companies that commit to creativity are three times more likely to exceed revenue projections by 10%.

    Better Financial Performance

    A study from McKinsey found that the most creative companies performed better financially (67% had above-average organic revenue growth).

The top 5 reasons for YOU to become insanely inventive on demand are because it leads to:

  • Earning 20% or more… a global survey shows inventive thinkers make more money. For some, a lot more. Who doesn’t like more money?

  • Enhanced problem-solving skills and confidence on the job… as an inventive thinker, nothing can stop you from reaching your goals!

  • Inventive thinkers experience more career success and higher job satisfaction by 3:1… nothing wrong with feeling great about what you do!

  • Rise above the noise with great ideas that make a difference… be the superhero!

  • Become irreplaceable in the age of AI… inventive thinking is the future proof for your career and business.

  • Bottom line: Human creativity is life-changing creativity.

    It doesn’t matter if you’re in Marketing or Sales or Engineering, or Product Development, HR, or if you have a small business.

    It doesn’t matter if you are a painter, a musician, or a poet because the process is one and the same, and it works no matter what.

    And this process works because it’s in alignment with how our brains are already wired to create and socialize our creations. So it’s natural to learn.


    You can either go at this alone and try to figure it out through trial and error, OR you can do what the most successful people do and learn from OTHERS who are already doing what you want to do.


    Here's Just a Few Examples What Some Members Do!


    Develop new technologies
    Invent products & tools
    New processes & techniques
    Marketing program design
    New business models


    Ad campaigns & design
    Live show concepts
    Exhibit & building design
    Music compositions
    Script writing


    Scientific discoveries
    Disease cures
    New pharmaceuticals
    Process & techniques
    Invent new chemicals


    Architecture design
    Software development
    Bridge structures & methods
    New propulsion systems
    Transportation systems

    These are just a few of the HUNDREDS of niches our members have ventured into.

    You TOO can do this... You must do this... And we'll show you how.


    How Renaissance Thinking™
    Generated $468 Million in new Annual
    Revenue for Infosys with an ROI of 1,100%

    The Framework for Inventive Thinking™ of Renaissance Thinking Mastery™ was critical for generating the original ideas that led to a unique approach to exhibit design and audience experience, generating new annual revenue of $468 million.

    GREG MOYER, CEO & Founder, Inventive Guild


    Infosys had a good reputation but found it hard to get invited to the table in order to quote on multi-million dollar deals with large global companies. Their closing ratio was high, so if only they could meet and start conversations with the right people.


    Exhibit at two conferences where they could grab the attention of the right people and start conversations. All on a limited budget of $425,000 where competitors were spending millions each.


    The new program included a unique approach on the show floor of both SAP Sapphire and Oracle Open World, combined with creative messaging, design, and main-stage speaking opportunities for the CEO.


    Renaissance Thinking on Demand™ was critical for developing a program that, within two years, was responsible for more than $468 million in new revenue per year… an ROI of 1,100%.

    Tony Pfeiffer

    Educator, Learning Expert & Poet

    Hear what Tony has to say about how Renaissance Thinking on Demand™ training empowered him to the next level of creativity and inventive thinking.

    Jeffrey Knight

    Actor, Writer & Voice Artist

    Checkout what Jeffrey has to say about how the Framework for Inventive Thinking™ has helped him elevate his game in the performing arts industry.

    John Moyes

    International Exhibit Consultant

    John talks about how Renaissance Thinking™ can help everyone in the experiential marketing industry elevate their game.

    Tony Pfeiffer

    Educator, Learning Expert & Poet

    Hear what Tony has to say about how Renaissance Thinking on Demand™ training empowered him to the next level of creativity and inventive thinking.

    Jeffrey Knight

    Actor, Writer & Voice Artist

    Checkout what Jeffrey has to say about how the Framework for Inventive Thinking™ has helped him elevate his game in the performing arts industry.

    John Moyes

    International Exhibit Consultant

    John talks about how Renaissance Thinking™ can help everyone in the experiential marketing industry elevate their game.


    You don’t need to be Steve Jobs to be insanely inventive. You just need to be yourself and apply the same THINKING AND DOING HABITS that helped propel Steve's insanely inventive thinking.

    ~ Greg Moyer

    What Makes Renaissance Thinking on Demand™ Different?

    Aligned with modern neuroscience and modeled from the most significant innovators past and present. 30 years in the making. Compressing decades into days.

    More than 500 successful innovators were tested and without exception, all scored in the 80th percentile or higher in five of the seven core breakthrough skills and behaviors of the Framework for Inventive Thinking™

    Traditional creativity training doesn't work!

    After one full year of traditional creativity training there is no gain to the level of creativity, originality, or usefulness.


    RESEARCH TITLE & DATE: "Fostering students’ creative thinking skills by means of a one-year creativity training program." MARCH 2020
    AUTHORS: Simone Ritter, Xiaojing Gu, Maurice Crijns, Peter, Biekens

    Fact: 94% of Executives Are Unsatisfied With Their Companies' Innovation Performance & It’s Costing Them More Money Than They Think

    In a world where businesses are always looking for ways to stay ahead of their competition, it's no wonder that innovation has become so important.

    However, the lack of innovation in a company can be costly.

    Not only does it lead to lost revenue and missed opportunities…

    It also leads to employees feeling that their organization is stuck in one place with no chance for improvement- this was found by recent surveys done on executives from around the world.

    McKinsey research shows that 84% of executives say that innovation is important to their growth strategy.

    However, only 6% were satisfied with their company's innovation performance.

    The fact is a business or company’s innovation will never be greater than the sum of the inventive thinking of the individuals contributing to the endeavor…

    It's about individuals, NOT systems. Innovation systems are merely support. 

    That’s why companies like Apple, Tesla, Salesforce, Amazon, Google, etc. have been able to consistently disrupt the market. They hire creative people.

    Their culture of creativity and inventive thinking has enabled them to produce hundreds of breakthrough innovations and inventions that we use every day.

    Disrupting creativity and performance development with neuroscience

    Over half a decade of research has found being in flow, "in the zone," to be highly correlated with measures of performance. From creativity, decision-making and information processing to skill acquisition, collaboration and motivation.


    McKinsey found a 500% increase in productivity by executives who regularly attain flow.

    3 DAYS

    Harvard found subjects to have three days of heightened creativity after being "in the zone."


    Advanced Brain Monitoring & DARPA found subjects to have a 490% increase in skill acquisition.


    The University of Sydney found subjects to have a 430% increase in creative problem solving!

    How Renaissance Thinking Mastery™
    Paved the Way for the AboveNet IPO

    Applying the Framework for Inventive Thinking™ from Renaissance Thinking Mastery™ was critical for generating the original ideas that led to an experiential marketing and sales program that generated a 400% increase in sales in 6 months paving the way to the AboveNet IPO.

    GREG MOYER, CEO & Founder, Inventive Guild


    AboveNet had an approach to co-location that was new and unique with unmatched performance, but it wasn’t enough to get significant customers to commit.


    To underwrite an IPO, Goldman Sachs required AboveNet to increase the sales trajectory from the current level of $2 Million to a sales trajectory of $8 Million within 6 months.


    A new sales and marketing campaign with a unique marketing message and new sales process that was personalized and experiential and supported by a unique creative messaging and design.


    A 400% increase in the sales trajectory within 6 months, from $2 Million to $8 Million. The new campaign achieved a sales closing rate of over 90%.

    Renaissance Thinking on Demand with The Inventive Guild™ Membership is Like a Master's Program in Inventive Thinking but Better

    Renaissance Thinking on Demand™ + The Inventive Guild™

  • Cost of Renaissance Thinking on Demand™ Renaissance Thinking Mastery™ and all of the benefits of The Inventive Guild™ membership is $4,997 for a limited time.

  • According to Edelman Intelligence, the pay bump for people perceived to be insanely creative is 17% to 20% more.

  • Within 5 hours you can learn about the Framework for Inventive Thinking™ and immediately begin to implementing the most world changing thinking framework in history. 

  • Creativity is the number one soft skill major companies look for. They are looking for people who can creatively solve problems and generate original winning ideas.

  • Anyone can become insanely inventive. Renaissance Thinking on Demand™ is specifically designed to activate the creative engine that's already in your brain.

  • The only way to compete and become irreplaceable in the Age of AI is to up-level your game in the realms of creativity and inventive thinking.

  • The Problem with
    Traditional Master's Program

  • Average cost of an MBA is $61,800. The range is $30,000 to $120,000. But this does not include text books, room & board, and transportation.

  • According to the MBA.com website, the average pay bump for an MBA graduate is 14.1%.

  • MBA programs take 12 to 24 months to complete and about 15 to 20 hours per week. Does not include working full or part time to support you and your family.

  • Major companies no longer consider college education as a requirement. They are looking for people who can creatively solve problems and generate winning ideas.

  • Very few people qualify for MBA programs. Most MBA candidates have to hold a bachelor's degree and 2 to 5 years experience. Not all applicants are approved.

  • Does not insulate against AI replacement. Goldman Sachs predicts that 300 million jobs will be affected or eliminated by AI. Most will be white collar jobs – knowledge workers.

  • Imagine what this will do for your business...
    your career... your finances... your family... your life.

    Hear What Others are Saying About The Inventive Guild™ and Renaissance Thinking Mastery™

    “Greg’s courses get a ‘highly recommend!’ I've seen firsthand how using the Inventive Thinking Framework leads to truly inventive solutions that everyone on the team wants to adopt and that the executive team will approve.” 

    Denise B.

    Strategic Marketing and Events

    "I now have the game-changing tools to dive deep into my ideas and see which ones have true potential.” Greg turned creativity and innovation into science and invited me into his lab of Renaissance Thinking."

    Gil O.

    CTO & Artist

    "After only a few weeks, my workflow is more efficient, with an improvement in my creativity. As I become more fluent in applying Renaissance Thinking™, the benefits become increasingly obvious."

    Larry S.

    Artist & Writer

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    In today's rapidly transforming business landscape, it’s no longer enough just to keep up—you need to stay ahead of the game.

    Artificial Intelligence and automation are rapidly becoming dominant forces, propelling a shift to mediocrity in an arena that leaves no room for mediocrity.

    As a business leader, or an entrepreneur, you can no longer afford just to get by or be merely good; you must strive to be extraordinary in order to thrive.

    Your career trajectory soars, your ideas make a measurable impact, and your influence inspires others. Your ability to think creatively doesn't just boost your earnings; it amplifies your relevance, gives you control over your destiny, and fosters an unparalleled sense of job and life fulfillment.

    ~ Greg Moyer

    Entrepreneurs &
    Business Leaders

    Master the art of agile and inventive thinking, converting challenges and uncertainties into golden opportunities. Life throws challenges but with the right mindset, every problem can be an opportunity. Break free from the ordinary and steer your entrepreneurial journey and personal life toward unprecedented success.

    Marketing & Sales Professionals

    Elevate your game by sharpening your instinct, creativity, and recall. Customers and clients look to you as the “go to” person in the room because you are the one who can generate and transform original winning ideas that clients and customers can't do without. Develop new campaigns that exceed goals and add to the bottom line with new revenue.

    Tech Gurus &
    Data Analysts

    Fuse logic with imagination by mixing your smart, logical mind with a splash of imagination. You'll see solutions and ideas pop up when you least expect them. Color your work with innovative strokes and navigate through uncertainties with composure, unlocking game-changing solutions at every turn.

    Coaches & Consultants

    Learning and changing are parts of life. Deepen your insights into personal evolution and transformative change. Communicate with unparalleled clarity, inspire by example, and forge bonds of trust, positioning yourself as an empathetic leader. Understand them better and share your knowledge with creative clarity.

    Artists, Musicians & Designers

    You're no stranger to creative sparks, and you already have a world full of ideas. Yet, there's always room to elevate. Harness the Framework for Inventive Thinking™ to amplify your creativity, exploring uncharted territories of expression and innovation. But what if there's more? Dive deep into new ways to express and create.

    Educators & Students

    Make every day an adventure by weaving in new thinking methods. Teachers worldwide can seamlessly integrate the Framework for Inventive Thinking™ into their teaching ethos. When you make it real, you’ll rediscover the joy, wonder, and fulfillment in educating, fostering a learning environment teeming with enthusiasm and boundless curiosity.

    The Inventive Guild™ is the home of Renaissance Thinking Mastery™.

    The GOLD STANDARD for developing not just ideas, but great,

    ORIGINAL ideas and getting them across the goal line.


    Renaissance Thinking Mastery™ Cohorts

    Mastery-level deep dives for accelerated learning and application delivered in a Speed learning format to immediately generate great ideas and get them across the goal line.

    Mobile App

    Access to training content, helpful hints for when you get stuck. Like having a coach in your pocket. You'll always know what to do next.

    Recognition for Contributions

    Complete milestones to earn awards and extra benefits. Of course the real benefit is elevating your game.

    Reniassance Thinking on Demand™ Training Course

    Lifetime access to the most world changing thinking framework in history: Renaissance Thinking on Demand™ training with transcripts and audio files.

    Q&A and Special Sessions

    Hear from experts in startups, fund raising, intellectual property, and other hot topics during special learning sessions.

    Future Programs

    Marketplace of Ideas, Special Projects, Scholarships, TIG Book of Success, Industry Focused Verticals and more.

    Vault of Knowledge with Content Power Search

    Save time with near conversational access to quickly locate the gems within the video training, special sessions, transcripts, articles, tips, etc.

    Conferences & Masterminds

    Rub shoulders with like minded people to elevate original thinking on demand and maximize your endeavors.

    Global Grand Challenges

    Join teams to develop solutions for the Global Grand Challenges and other worthy adventures to change the world.

    Here's What You'll Receive with Your Black

    Card VIP Membership to The Inventive Guild™

    NOTE: Black Card VIP Status is a Limited Membership – 1000 ONLY.

      Membership Discount of 50%

      Black Card VIP Members receive a $5,000 discount on the membership fee that includes Renaissance Thinking Mastery™ and all the other great benefits. ($9,997 value)

      Lifetime Access: Training Sessions

      You will be issued lifetime access to Renaissance Thinking Mastery™ recorded sessions. This is gold.($4,200 value)

      Lifetime Access: Bonus Sessions

      Lifetime access to future bonus sessions covering subjects like Mitigating Roadblocks to Inventive Thinking. ($2,900 value)

      Fixed Lifetime Membership Dues

      Free in year one and then your annual membership dues will be fixed for lifetime to $100 per month or $1,000 per year – normal cost is $200 per month or $2,000 per year. ($2,000 value over three years)

      50% Lifetime Discount

      You'll receive $500 per year lifetime discount on the Annual Customer/coaching Conference. Current registration fee of $997. (6 events = value of $3,000)

      Exclusive Black Card Member Events

      Learn from interviews of subject matter experts in intellectual property, marketing ideas, and case studies. ($2,900 value)

    Become a Founding Member
    The Inventive Guild

    The Inventive Guild is a global community dedicated to promoting and teaching the lost art of creativity and inventive thinking on demand.

    A platform for inventive thinkers to network with like-minded people.

    Members of The Inventive Guild™ have opportunities to cross-pollinate ideas and apply their inventive thinking skills to various projects, including IG Projects for Good.

    Who knows, you just might help solve some of the Global Grand Challenges by inventing a new way to feed the world, limitless energy, or remove plastic from the oceans.

    Knowledge and mastery of inventive thinking skills that anyone can learn to generate great ideas on demand and get them across the goal line.

    Special events to meet other like-minded people and hone your discovery skills for moving your business forward and accelerating your career.

    Opportunities to give back and change the world by solving some of the global grand challenges with others in the network.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What’s the difference between creativity and inventive thinking?

    Great question! Creativity is a cognitive function of the brain for making a new mental connection. Connecting the dots, as Steve Jobs used to say. It usually results in an idea, which is a formulated thought or opinion. The key is that the idea is new, unique, or novel. This cognitive function occurs naturally in the human brain, and it can be fueled to occur more often, at higher levels, and at higher degrees of originality. Inventive thinking starts with creativity and is the process by which you enhance the originality of your ideas, give them purpose and relevance, transform them into something tangible, and then amplify the outcomes.

    How can Renaissance Thinking Mastery™ help me if I am already a pretty creative person?

    Being pretty creative is one thing, but creativity alone is not enough to get your ideas across the goal line. Renaissance Thinking Mastery™ lifts your creative abilities to a whole new level. A level where you are generating great ideas on demand. It’s your ideas that are the ones adopted. You are being recognized for original ideas, great ideas faster, and getting them across the goal line, making you invaluable and irreplaceable.

    How can this help me if I am at the top of my game professionally?

    Once you’re on top, you have to master the things that will help you stay on top and go beyond. If you’re not moving up, you’re moving down. Renaissance Thinking Mastery™ empowers top performers to look beyond the obvious from all possible angles and create new approaches to business value, new strategies, and new solutions.

    What is the difference between The Inventive Guild™ and Renaissance Thinking Mastery™?

    The Inventive Guild™ is a community dedicated to promoting and teaching the lost art of creativity and inventive thinking on demand. A platform for inventive thinkers to network with like-minded people for personal development and acquire resources, tools, mentorship, and coaching. Renaissance Thinking Mastery™ is the advanced learning and coaching program for applying the breakthrough skills and behaviors for becoming insanely inventive on demand and is accessed from within The Inventive Guild™.

    Will my age or background be a factor in becoming an inventive thinker?

    Age is not a single determining factor, but this program is designed for adults of at least college age or older with no limit to age after that. We’ve already been asked to design a program that educators can use with high school students.

    Can this help me if I am not an executive or entrepreneur?

    Absolutely! It doesn’t matter who you are, where you’re from, or what you do; everyone has the potential to become an inventive thinker. Imagine becoming a rockstar in your job, or industry, or with your family because you have become the go-to person for creatively solving problems, coming up with great ideas, and being able to get them across the goal line.

    Is there a team discount or corporate program available?

    Yes there is! We provide a 2-day immersive program for organizations and their teams. If this is something that interests you, please send us an email to [email protected].

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    What is a Guild?


    During the Renaissance, a guild was an association of artisans or merchants who controlled the practice of their craft in a particular town. They often set standards for quality, regulated prices, protected their members from outside competition, and provided social and economic benefits to their members.


    In today's digital age, a guild can be defined as a collaborative community of skilled professionals who come together, often online, to share knowledge, set industry standards, foster innovation, and provide mutual support in their area of expertise. They harness the collective wisdom of their members to drive professional growth, facilitate networking opportunities, and advocate for best practices within their domain.

    The Inventive Guild™

    The Inventive Guild is a community dedicated to promoting and teaching the lost art of creativity and inventive thinking on demand. A platform for inventive thinkers to network with like-minded people.

    Members of The Inventive Guild™ have opportunities to cross-pollinate ideas and apply their inventive thinking skills to various projects including IG Projects for Good™. Who knows, you just might help solve some of the Global Grand Challenges like inventing a new ways to feed the world, limitless energy, or remove plastic from the oceans.

    Reasons to Join


    The Inventive Guild™ provides training, resources, and insights that help members uplevel their abilities to generate great ideas on demand, transform their ideas into something actionable, and amplify the outcomes beyond their imagination. TIG members stay updated with the most effective tools, methods, and techniques for activating creativity and inventive thinking on demand.


    Membership provides a unique content experience and grants access to the Renaissance Thinking Mastery™ program, specialized resources, tools, and discounts to special events. (exclusive content tailored to your profession)


    Belonging to a guild provides a sense of identity and camaraderie, where members share common goals, challenges, and a passion for making a difference.


    TIG members can participate in mentorship programs where seasoned professionals guide and support those new implementing the Framework for Inventive Thinking™, which is at the core of Renaissance Thinking™.

    Community Vision


    TIG offers opportunities to network with other like-minded people. Connect with peers, industry leaders, and potential collaborators around the ecosystem of creativity on demand. This can open doors to new projects, partnerships, and job prospects.


    TIG is creating and fostering an environment where members can collaborate on projects, share ideas, and innovate together through a dedicated community platform.


    TIG can have a strong voice in influencing innovation policy, decisions, and best practices pertaining to innovation practices across vertical applications. Members can benefit from this collective representation.

    In a rapidly evolving digital world, the essence of a guild remains constant: a shared commitment to mastery, mutual support, and community. Joining one can provide the benefits of belonging to a collective of passionate professionals, all striving to operate on a higher order in the realms of creativity, inventive thinking, and innovation while helping each other.


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    Rooting for you,
    Greg Moyer

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